I only planned a handful of trips this year and one of them is spending a week in Japan. I only paid 5,600 PHP for a flight from Manila to Tokyo and that includes a luggage check-in.

I stayed at Nui. Hostel and Bar Lounge in Kuramae and booked it through Hostel World. A lot of the testimonials are positive so I was sold! Nui is a luxury hostel but don’t get intimidated by it. I can compare it to our very own Z Hostel in Makati.

The dorm type mixed room is around 1,100 PHP which is a fair price I think. The hostel has an old soul vibe! In the morning, Nui serves brunch and at night it turns into a bar that is open to the public and the hostel guests.

I studied the train system before going to bed on my first night. I was so eager to learn because I didn’t want to ask for anyone’s help every time I go out. In Google, it will show you the real time update of the next train arriving and departing.

It’s really easy! Just make sure you pay attention to the announcements, signage and the train color. All of the train stations have free wi-fi so don’t even bother wasting your money on data.

The iconic Shibuya crossing was definitely an experience! If you like discovering new bands, Tower Records is the place to go! Every floor has a different genre(J-Indie at 3rd Floor) and there’s a small cafe too if you want to grab a bite.

From Shibuya I walked to Harajuku. There are so many characters in this area! I love how they’re down to pose and have their photographs taken. I guess that’s the point of wearing all those bizarre clothing because those OOTD definitely need be posted online. Haha

On to the next! Shinjuku. This is the central business district and it is one of the major train hubs because of the train lines linked to it. Do you remember the scene in Lost In Translation where Scarlett was sitting at the hotel window? That’s Shinjuku! There are two places to see the best view of Tokyo skyline. One is at Park Hyatt Hotel and the other is by going to the 45th floor of the Metropolitan Government Building.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Have you heard about Robot Restaurant? I highly recommend it! It’s a show about girls saving the nature from evil with their giant pets. Does that make any sense? Probably not. But that’s the point! The show costs 7,000 Yen(2,500PHP) and it’s really worth it.

I always come back to Shibuya and Harajuku area. I love it there! It’s even more beautiful at night. I spent two afternoons in the area waiting for the next person to photograph.

I love Japan! I’d love to go back for sure!

All photos are taken from my iPhone. Check out my Instagram here! 🙂

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