Humans of Shibuhara

These are the photographs I took in film when I was in Shibuya and Harajuku. I used my Nikon FM10 camera so everything is raw and no filter was added here. Let me know what you think!

000043 (2)
Yoyogi Park
Decora boys and girl at Harajuku Station
Asakusa couple
Harajuku girls shopping
Shibuya girls
If a transgender decora girl isn’t Harajuku enough for you, I don’t know what is. 🙂
000042 (3)
Yoyogi Park
I love this decora couple!
Harajuku boys
Decora girl
They were in the middle of a photo shoot and I asked if I could bother them for a while. 🙂
Harajuku girl
Yoyogi Park
My friend William showed me around Shinjuku.

I mentioned in my previous blog that I went to Nakano City to check out film rolls. There are a lot of camera stores in the city but the most popular one is Fujiya Camera. They sell brand new digital cameras, lenses, analogue cameras and 35mm films. One of the things I love about Fujiya is they sell dirt cheap old cameras!

Nakano Station

There are boxes of old lenses and analogue cameras. But the one that caught my eye is the Minolta Hi-Matic 7. It’s in mint condition, few scratches due to old age but everything else works perfectly. You would not believe how much I got this for. I bought it for *insert drum roll sound* 500 Yen! That is almost 200 PHP only. For a vintage camera like this, it should cost more! In Cubao Expo, they’re selling it for 2500 to 3000 PHP but it’s worn out.

Minolta Hi-Matic 7 (1962)

My only problem is the battery that I need for this camera is not available in the market anymore. That’s fine because the battery only works for the light meter and everything else can function manually. I haven’t processed my film yet but I’ll definitely post another blog when I use up all my film.

Where is Fujiya Camera?

Here is the complete address, 5-61-1 Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan.

How to go there?

I went there by train from Kuramae City via Asakusa line. You can definitely google the ways to go to Nakano from the city where you are coming from. Get off at Nakano station in JR Chuo Line and walk to the north exit. From there, it’s a 2 minute walk, you’ll see it for sure!

This is what Fujiya looks like.

Taken from my iPhone

I’ll definitely hoard all the old analogue camera when I visit Tokyo next time! I hope all these information helps and let me know if you’re able to visit Fujiya Camera. 🙂

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