Los Angeles 35MM

It was sad to leave Paris. I went to the Eiffel Tower for one last time to grab an espresso and watch the long boarders cruise. I had all the time in the world that day since my flight was at 11:30 in the evening.

The minute I left the hostel I told myself, “I’m going to carry and drag my enormous luggage AGAIN.*sigh*” I was really stingy that day and I was not willing to pay 10 euros for a metro ticket just to get to the airport. So, I thought of using my 3-day Paris Visite pass which had a day of validity left and tail gated an old lady at the last stop. Please don’t do this! I heard the security is very keen about this and I was just lucky. And after all, I needed my 10 euros for a decent dinner at the airport.

After more than 17 hours of flying, dealing with a drunk man next to me and a long layover in Moscow, I arrived in L.A.

Here are the photographs I took and let me know what you think!

Manhattan Beach, California

Going around L.A. is really easy without a car. You can get a reloadable tap card at Ralph’s which can be used in buses and metro. I did this a couple of times and the TAP Metro card is only $7 for an unlimited day pass. That includes access to Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, China Town, DTLA and a whole lot more!

000029 (2)
The Last Bookstore

Downtown is one of my favorite places to visit. There are so many characters and quirky stores like this one. I have a lot stock photographs for my Instagram that I took here! I really like the…I don’t want to say hipster but “Old Soul” vibe here.

Palm Springs, California
Spring Street, DTLA
Spring Street, DTLA
Union Station
Temecula Winery
Manhattan Beach, California
San Diego, California
Put a bird on it!

I’m really happy with the photographs I took here. I used an expired Kodak film in most of the shots but unfortunately I didn’t get the look that I was going for which is slightly distorted or vintage. It’s pretty decent I think, just like a fresh film roll.

Check out the videos I took in L.A. below!

Follow my Instagram for more GoPro and 35mm film adventures.

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I’ll end it here and we’re off to the next destination! Manila!

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