35 MM: Behind The Scenes

Now that I’m back in Manila I started to take photographs of my friends for a small project that I’ll be posting here soon. What project? I don’t have a clear idea yet but for now I’m just collecting photographs of people.

I’m starting to get the hang of my new old camera that I bought from a thrift store in L.A. It was love at first sight! I didn’t know what it was capable of but I just loved the way it looked. It’s an all black Pentax Asahi Spotmatic (1964) with a black leather case. So, it’s black on black on black!

I did some research before getting it and I was sold when I found out that The Beatles owned a camera like this back in the day. I checked the sample photographs of this camera online and it’s really impressive.

The owner of the thrift store, Barry, was selling the black Spotmatic for $80. A day before that, I bought 3 boxes (4 rolls each) of expired Kodak films. So, I tried my best to haggle since I was sort of like a “regular customer” even though I only bought an item once but visited the store numerous times.

I wish I asked for his e-mail address so I can send him the photographs I took. I’ll visit this old guy when I come back and get more old cameras!

Check out the 2 photographs I took with my Spotmatic below.

Neisne – Takumar 50mm Lens – UP Diliman
Jef – Takumar 50mm Lens – UP Diliman

I used to take their photographs back in the day as a joke. I make them do ridiculous poses at the beach with my crusty digital camera. But now look at us! I can say we’re kind of legit. Haha!

My friends are pretty shameless (It’s true) and they like getting photographed. So, if you want nice portraits too, just let me know! I don’t mind, just do your thing and strike a pose.

Neisne –  Fujifilm X30 Compact Camera
BTS – Fujifilm X30 Compact Camera
Fujifilm X30 Compact Camera
Instagram BTS – Fujifilm X30 Compact Camera

Instagram break! This is me carefully arranging my cameras to a perfectly staged #FLATLAY Instagram shot lol.

Do you shoot film too? I’d love to check out your photographs. Link me!

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