My Thoughts on Dating

I know many of you single ladies and gents have experienced those awkward conversations with your relatives about getting married. Has your lola ever asked you, “Oh anak, kailan ka na mag-aasawa? Noong panahon ko 22 pa lang ako may asawa’t anak na ko!” Of course what I’d always say is *laughs nervously* “Wala pa po sa isip ko yan!” *I wanna get the fuck out of this place. GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.* What I truly wanted to say was “Wala naman po kasing nagagawa noong panahon niyo, Inay, bukod sa pagaasawa at anak nang maaga heheheh” But that’s just in my head and I don’t wanna be rude lol.

That’s what inay always asks whenever I visit my mom. She’s not actually my lola, she’s the grandmother of my cousin’s husband. But anyway, you get my point. Oh Christmas season, how awful. Can’t we just go straight to New Years instead? So we can drink and avoid all these questions haha.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I was cleaning my room last week and found some things from when I was actively dating. I was able to find old love letters and post cards I received from old flames. I just happen to keep these things because it’s fun to look back and get a good laugh out of it. And it’s 2017! Do people still write letters to each other? It’s really a dying art.

I get awkward when someone tells me they like me in person or in text messages. I’m not saying that I get this a lot but I just don’t know how to respond to that haha. What I think about most of the time is, “Really? Bakit ako? Sure ka? I’m weird. Don’t.” I guess I’m just used to being the one who says it first. I wish I could tell myself “Shit ang gwapo ko type niya ko.” but I don’t think that way. I only feel handsome when I take a long shower and dress up nice which don’t happen a lot. I’m actually wearing sweat pants and a shirt that I’ve worn for two days. Not to mention I just woke up, I have crusty eyes and I have a morning breath. How handsome!

I’m not going to write about who I dated, when it was and why it didn’t work because hello? This is the internet and everyone’s here. Well, I’m going to talk about this one particular and the only Tinder date I’ve gone to. In December of 2016, I was on my social media hiatus but I was on Tinder lol wtf. What I’m trying to say is, I haven’t had a chance to stalk anyone who I matched with. Which is a good thing, right? If ever I was going on a date, I would be meeting a blank canvass and I’d get to know the person with no thoughts like “Oh she went to this school, she had pizza for dinner yesterday, etc.” What a creeper haha.

I wasn’t taking any of it seriously. I was bored and told myself why the hell not go on this date. So I did went out for a date! It was okay, she talks a lot and the conversation wasn’t awkward at all. We had wine after sushi but I wasn’t feeling it. I just completely lost my interest because she doesn’t do anything interesting. I’m not saying that I’m fun and full of excitement all the time but I have some hobbies that I do enjoy. She says she likes to go to the mall, doesn’t like reading, likes makeup and doesn’t do anything on weekends. OMG wtf.

And to add to that, she’s also a Duterte-Marcos supporter. I have no idea how our conversation got political but I remember telling myself, OK THAT IS IT. I don’t think I can ever be with someone who’s a ka-DDS! Haha As funny as it sounds, I would never! I guess lol.

So we went to another place to drink more but it was 3 in the morning already. I was tired and felt like going home to watch Youtube videos. But she kept on going (holy shit), she talks about many other things! (JESUS CHRIST) It’s not boring at all but at this point I was just thinking about my bed. We left the place and walked to a no particular direction. She was a bit tipsy and touchy as we walk to the gas station. In my head I was saying “Girl, you’re not getting any of this *pointing my body* I’m exhausted, I wanna go home and sleep.” So I got myself an Uber and she did as well.

We never kept in touch and didn’t talk after that. Am I still on Tinder? Nope haha. It works for other people but not for me. Maybe I should give it a try but nah! I don’t want to spend 2,000 PHP on a fancy date again.

I was having a coffee break with a friend at work one day. She tells me how it is manageable to have a long distance relationship in her late 20s. It makes sense because we’re more mature now and we think about the consequences. But for me, that will never work! I have experienced it before but nope nu-uh I get bored easily. So she asked, how about you? Are you seeing anyone? I’m not lol. I remember going on dates and transitioning to a relationship quick back in the day. I told my friend it’s funny that my dating life in my early 20s was “LIT” even though I didn’t have a lot of money. But now that I have more time and more money, nothing’s really going on with my life lol. Do you ever think dating can be such a chore? Sometimes I do. I feel like hanging out with my friends instead or spending some time with my dogs.

Sometimes great things happen when we least expect it. So you, my friend, do not need to rush!

Such a random blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading!


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