Lost Films of Tsukuru Tazaki

This is Tsukuru Tazaki. A healthy young man in his late 20s, an introvert, a successful railway engineer and a good friend. He suffered from depression, he loved fantasizing about having sex with his friends and he was suicidal. Despite of having it all, he felt empty and he’s lost in his loneliness.

I lied, this is not Tazaki, but I’d like to think that he is. I made up stories in my head as I flip through the photo album last night. If you’ve read Colorless Tsukuru, a novel by Murakami, the first paragraph might be familiar to you.

What I’m listening to: L – Tycho

Last night I went out to find treasures at the neighborhood thrift store. I love going there because I always find a unique item. Two years ago I found a 15 year old 35mm film but unfortunately Fujifilm wasn’t able to successfully process it. Damn it! Anyway, I was looking for an animal figurine for my new place but I got so intrigued by the photo album I found. I thought it wasn’t for sale because hello? Do people really sell their photo albums? I asked the lady and she said I can take it for 50 PHP (1 USD). I know it’s kinda creepy to keep someone else’s photographs but I told myself I wasn’t going to leave the store without it.

The photo album has a text written on it but obviously I can’t read Hiragana. Thanks to Teya for translating it for me! I owe you coffee when I visit Japan. Here’s what it says…

May 5, 1972

40th Anniversary of Toriyoshi Group

Let’s make a happy paradise full of smiles

How beautiful is the last sentence? I love it.

The first few pages are his younger years and as you flip more, you see him grow up into a happy man. I wonder if he’s still alive or if he knows his photo album got lost in the Philippines. I googled Toriyoshi Group but I wasn’t able to find a link that would lead me the best to this person.

Ah! I can’t wait to show you his beautiful photographs!

I’m guessing he’s around 5-6 years old here
His 5th grade class. Well, I assume it is 5th grade because of the number 5 lol.
Him being silly with his friends
His teen years
I like his style!
All grown up and frolicking on the snow

If he’s alive, I wish he finds my blog. I’d love to return his photo album and maybe ask him to let me see his collection of photographs.

I love film. It’s pure, naive and mesmerizing. Growing up, I like flipping through my parents’ photo albums and I feel happy seeing their preserved moments. Sure I do like taking photos using my iPhone but there’s no challenge to it. We can easily take great photographs by having the right lighting and apps to enhance it. With film, it feels more raw and authentic. I’m not a professional by any chance but I just really like analog cameras.

So there you go! I wish I could find more random things when I visit the thrift store. What do you think? Do you think this is creepy?

Good night, internet, ’til my next blog.

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