One Day in Palawan

Hey, it’s Kriz. Kriz Plata. That’s right. It’s me, live and on…stereo line? (OK, Hannah Baker) Hello, internet! I’m back. Well, not exactly, I’m only online here on WordPress. This is my only source of entertainment other than Pinterest. Y’all know Facebook can be noisy and it’s polluted with unnecessary information we do not need. If I go online, I’ll scroll my feed to the same old shit from news about Dutertards to cat videos. I must admit, social media can be addicting and I can be annoying on Instagram so this is a good break. This blog might be published on Facebook though lol.

So, I’m writing this blog because I’m in Palawan for a day. I wish I came here to visit the islands of El Nido but I’m stuck in Puerto Princesa because of one good reason. I came here to get my passport renewed! Voila! Well, technically I did not go that far because I’m a home grown Rizaleno, and Palawan is in the same region so…it’s kinda near….no? yes? no? ah shit yea I’m way too far from home.

I have been planning to renew my passport for a while, but I just could not get a damn appointment in Manila. Jesus Christ? My job requires me to renew my passport but I was not pressured to do so. I could’ve waited in Manila, I could religiously visit DFA online but I don’t have the patience for it. Maybe this is just an excuse for me to leave the city for a bit. I haven’t been traveling like I used to so being away from home is exciting. I could be in Spain drinking wine right now if I didn’t spend all my money on furniture. Oh well, I wanted a home of my own so this is what I get. Ah, millennials, endless fucking complains, right?

This is where I’m staying! This was in Palo Alto earlier today when I was doing some work. I came from a 12+ hour shift, I had 2 hours of sleep, I worked in the airport and worked more at the pool. So you can just imagine how shitty my passport photo would look like. I can’t wait to go home to swim but first? I’m going to meet Basti in 20 minutes! EEEEK!


Yesterday I texted Jen, who’s in Singapore, by the way. I was planning to meet Basti and now I’m here at the Palawan Café waiting for him. Basti is a mix Shih-Tzu pooch, everybody. I miss him! And I named him. Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite oldie movies and 2 years ago when I met Jen’s pup, I asked her to name him Sebastian. Sebastian, in the movie, is a horny manipulative guy, exactly like Basti!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m gonna write more when I get back in Manila.

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