2018 Planner

What a cliche, right? Another year, another set of plans. Personally, I think having a list of things to do for the new year is great, regardless of forgetting most of it and going along with what life brings.

What I’m listening to: Ligaw by Moonstar88

A friend told me she likes new year because it’s a fresh start for her. It’s the end of last year’s chapter and the beginning of a new one. New chances, new challenges, new accomplishments and so on. I guess she’s right, to be honest I didn’t realize it until she mentioned it. It’s exciting isn’t?

So here’s a list that I wish to do this year:

  1. Write more! – It doesn’t matter if it’s a short or long entry just as long as I keep on creating a content. My blog used to be a small gallery of my film photographs but now it’s a mixture of random things I think about. I’m thinking of taking down ‘Life Captured on Film’ and changing it into a new one.
  2. Relearn HTML – I want to design my website or at least personalize the free template I’m currently using. A lot of people have the same template as I do actually.
  3. Going back to school – I want to go to an arts and design school this time. You know, something that’s fun to do! Commercial and fashion photography is one of the courses I’m looking at, but I want to go back to AfM, too, to brush up my French.
  4. Volunteer work – I feel bad about this because I’m no longer an active volunteer in PAWS. I want to help in rehabilitating stray cats and dogs this time because I used to help in the office and delivering newspapers back then.
  5. Listen to more OPM – Yesterday, I was able to listen to a lot of OPM bands on Spotify. I missed listening to Rivermaya, Moonstar88, Barbie Almalbis and Urbandub. It felt like I was taken back to 2005 when I blasted their music. Love your own!
  6. Film – I want to go out and take photographs with my analog cameras like I used to!
  7. Getting off meds – I’m on my way to getting better and I know I’m still a work in-progress. Overall mental wellness is very important.
  8. Avoiding stimulants – I’ve abused a lot of things in life: Coffee, alcohol, energy drink, going out, staying up late, sleeping pills and what have you and it greatly influenced my Anxiety. My therapist told me I’m not allowed to drink coffee and alcohol anymore, but I guess occasionally drinking a bottle or two is OK. A whole bottle of wine is what I mean. I’m kidding.
  9. Read more – It took me a year to finish IQ84 and I wish I read it consistently because it’s a great book. And I promise not to buy books anymore because I have so many already! I have a couple of good ones and I’m looking forward to read Neil Gaiman’s novels.
  10. Travel – My friends and I are planning to go to Europe in October. I haven’t traveled in so long. Well, I did a couple of times last year but I want to go on a real vacation. I’m excited to see Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona!

One thought on “2018 Planner

  1. A very good list. I’m with you on #7. Will pray for your full recovery.

    For #9, how about we swap books instead of buying more and more? It can minimize clutter in the house, too. :))


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