29 Things

Remember when Rachel Green threw a fit on her birthday when she turned 30? And that time when Joey freaked out and asked God why everybody is growing old and turning 30?

Well…I’m only 29, the verge of my youth! In a few months I’ll be turning 30, but I don’t think I’m going to be as dramatic as Joey though. I’m not as worried about it as much as I used to when I was 25 lol. Back then I was telling myself ‘Fck I’m old’. I wish I could travel back in time and slap my old self and tell him to chill the F out haha.

Entering late 20s (AND THAT’S 28-29 in my opinion) means you’re more confident, wiser, insecurities don’t bother you that much and growing older makes you not give a sh** about little things anymore. Your priorities change and you have bigger and better things ahead of you than worrying about your fucking age haha.

I’m happy to close this chapter of my life. I’m done with my 20s, I’ve enjoyed it so much! And the twist and turns of this ride? Get me out of here hahaha. So here’s a list of 29 experiences! Maybe you can pick up something from this list if you’re younger than me?

#1 If you can’t afford it, don’t push it.

I had a lot of mishaps and stupid decisions in my finances back then. I used my credit cards to buy groceries, shop for clothes I don’t need, alcohol at the bar, a fucking iPod and so on. It took me a while to take myself out of debt! Don’t spend the money you do not have, my friend. For example, a Macbook costs 50,000 PHP and you barely have 10,000 PHP in your savings, don’t fucking buy it because you have a credit card. Think of credit cards as an ’emergency cash’ when you’re buying something expensive. You need to make sure your savings account has enough money to pay for the entire thing.

#2 Smart clothes over fast fashion

It’s been more than a year since I’ve set my foot in an H&M store. I hate H&M and the way they produce their clothes! I’ve given away all of my clothes from that store since I’ve watched True Cost haha. I’m not gonna dwell on this topic though lol. When you’re younger, you still don’t know your style and you tend to copy what other people wear. And that’s a good thing! It’s discovering what you like and what you don’t like. In my opinion, it’s better to buy well made and smart basic clothes rather than buying something that’s cheaply made and only ‘in’ at the moment. What I’m trying to say is, you should consider Uniqlo haha. I posted something about it on my last blog so I’m gonna stop now haha. OK onto the next!

#3 Life is not a race

This is something that you are going to learn on your own. And I’m not forcing you to stop being insecure and stop idolizing much more successful people. There is a reason why they are at the top. A hecka long professional experience, a masters degree, a budding business and so on. These people worked their asses off to get there! These guys are on their chapter 55 of their lives and you should try not to compare your chapter 1 to them. I used to be so insecure and jealous of other people’s success. When I got older and eventually got what I wanted in my career, I told myself, what the fuck was I insecure about?! I’m doing fine after all. Whatever chapter number you are in life right now, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve your goal. Slow progress is still a progress, boys and girls. 😉

#4 When I _______, I’ll be happy and my problems will go away

I’m gonna stop you right there, my friend. Are you thinking about money? a promotion? graduation? Whatever it may be, problems will always be a part of our lives. If you live your life happily without problems, then I think that’s a fucking problem. Even the richest guy in the world has problems. I think problems make us appreciate the good things in life. Without suffering, how can you appreciate joy to the fullest?

#5 Eat whole foods

OK. This is still something I’m struggling to do BUT I wrote this on my list a long time ago, so I’m gonna put it here hahaha.  You know, we’re not getting any younger. Those chicken nuggets will eventually come back to you and grow on your love handles. With all these ground breaking technologies we have in food processing, do you think they’re still good for us humans? I don’t think so. What I’m saying is, try to put more fresh foods in your diet rather than eating McDonald’s or something.

#6 Mental Health Awareness

I think the age bracket between 22-30 is very crucial. Even as adults, we still grow up being exposed to challenges at work and making life decisions. Sadly, for the last two years I got medicated when I got struck by anxiety and eventually got mildly depressed. Being in a toxic consulting firm, trying to fit in graduate school in my schedule and being sick at the same time? I was a fucking mess haha. I’m not saying everybody is going through this but if you are, it’s not something to be ashamed about! Counseling and therapy are very common and they really do help. And! talking to somebody is a good progress. May it be a small bump in life or a problem that has been bothering you for a while. It’s good to be aware of your mental state and how you want to move forward, whether you’re sick or blue at the moment. 🙂

#7 Travel

If you can afford it, go for it! If not? it’s not the end of the world. You can put some of your savings to your travel piggy bank and eventually fly to your dream destination. There is so much more about traveling than the amazing sight, the food and the people. I personally think I’ve grown into a more accepting human being. You know, being exposed to different cultures and seeing people how they live and why they act a certain way. There is a reason why all of the people in the world have different values in life — it’s because of the culture. And I think it’s beautiful that even though we are all different, we share a lot of similarities. If you’re living in a same place your entire life, you’re stuck with the same people and share the same experiences. Go! There’s a big world out there!

#8 Music Festivals

EDM is dead in the Philippines, go to another country to experience it haha. If you love electronic music, I suggest to go with your friends because it’s extremely fun! Don’t get lost in that world though. 😉

#9 Don’t rush things!

Sometimes we tend to be so enthusiastic about something and we want to pursue it NOW without realizing the consequences. One example is, I wanted to have my own apartment so I can finally have my own space. So I did, I got approved for a home loan, got myself an apartment. Guess what? I don’t fucking live there! Don’t get me wrong, I really do love my place! But if I had the chance to go back in time, I would have thought about it more. I’m realizing things like, what if I want to live in another country? What if I find a better apartment? But fuck that I’m already here and I have to pay for my consequences mortgage hahaha.

#10 Separate your emotions with your decisions

Even though we are so far away from our teens, we still have raging hormones emotions! Try to step back and relax. Whether it is about your job, relationship or whatsoever just calm the fuck down. You’ll be surprised how good you are in handling things because you are smarter now. And if you’re able to fight your emotions when deciding, the next time you get challenged will be a piece of cake.

So I said 29 experiences, right? I’m going to stop at 10 because I don’t want to bore you. And thank you if you made it this far. haha

What are the things you’ve learned in your 20s? I’d love to listen to them!

One thought on “29 Things

  1. If you’re not happy with your job/business do NOT quit right away. Step back and reflect – what are my goals? Work, even a passion project or a dream job, isn’t bright and sunny all the time. There are highs and lows. If you’re only after “what makes me happy” then you won’t find satisfaction in any career, in anything…

    Life is unfair. Deal with it. But it’s not an excuse to mope around because you are #blessed. Really. Look around and stop thinking of me me me you self-absorbed, self.

    Use sunscreen coz sunspots are real.

    Keep on writing, Kriz! Will be waiting for the next list 🙂

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